New Machine July 2015

Now have a new Windows 10 Laptop. It seems to be working some of the time. Maybe they will get it all together and work all the time eventually. As of July 2017 have added a Raspberry Pi as main desktop since Win 10 too shaky. Still have laptop to do things that won’t run on Lynx as R-Pi does not run WINE packages yet.

Also have an Android tablet added in Dec 2017. Used but a nice gift anyway.and an Acer Tablet which was also a gif from a fellow Ham. Had win7 which I replaced with Lynx Mint. Both are very good back up machines. I also have a win10 back up now a used HP laptop. It would seem I am almost computer poor now, but all but the first two were gift which I graciously accepted as I have discovered back ups are desirable. Hope to one day pick up a UPS that will handle my machines the one I have right now is only able to be used as a filter between power company and equipment. Batteries are gone in it, but has protected me through several disasters